Contested Cities Seminar, 20-23 May 2013, Buenos Aires


Next week, I will attended the Contested Cities seminar! It takes place in Buenos Aires from Monday 20 to Thursday 23 May, it is free and open, no need to register. This is symbolic and it reflects the spirit of the discussions featuring on the programme.

We will talk about producing public space in contemporary cities (Monday), communication technologies and representation of the city (Tuesday), gentrification (Wednesday), social movements as participation to the urban development process (Thursday).

The programme looks very good. I will report on the roundtables in this blog later, but I’m already very positive because : no registration needed! No need to give my passport number to a website?! You don’t want to know my dietary requirements?! I won’t have to wear a badge and I won’t have to spy at people’s chest to know who they are?! It’s a revolution in itself.

And it’s an FP7 project:

Nous pouvons donc encore rêver.


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