Cities in one word is a new website that aims at gathering people’s first words to describe a city. All these first words appear in clouds, where the biggest words are supposed to be the ones appearing most often in people’s mind when they think of a particular city.

When looking at London, the biggest words in the cloud are: Queen, Expensive and Rain.

When looking at Paris: Love, Eiffel Tower and Romantic.

For New York, one finds: Skyscraper, Big and Apple ( and Big Apple too!)

For Toronto, you get: Canada, Snow and Cold.

And for Berlin: Home, Wall and Party.


It is fun to try and contribute, but it is definitely a work in progress. There will be more cities for sure, and with time, a closer look at the clouds might overcome the total clichés that prevail for the moment.

We can imagine that in some months already, this initiative could feed in or at least help research on the cities sampled in the website.

The founders describe Citiesinoneword as a website for city geeks. When one sees the stereotypes that appear in the clouds for the moment, I would tend to think that a wider audience might rather benefit the website.

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