About me

I have been working on urban issues in Europe since I finished my studies in political sciences over 4 years ago. But I must have been missing studying because since March 2013, I have been taking some time off to travel and carry out research on urban development in other parts of the world.

About this blog

I write this blog to prepare a possible thesis on conflicts that arise about land use in urban areas. I would like to look for a European model to deal with these issues. I expect to find common features, which can be adapted to different contexts, rather than a model. But this is only the initial idea, which I want to challenge by travelling outside Europe, and have a better view over what is common in the European urbanisation process.

Although I am writing this blog in an academic spirit, it will also have a journalistic angle in order to report on current urban development happening in various cities.

About the title

Umbilicus urbis was the expression used in the ancient Rome to name the very centre of the city. It was precisely under the Roman Forum and was the spot from which one would measure all distances to the city.

Likewise: measuring, assessing, or balancing will be some of the objectives of my blog.

I chose a latin title because I couldn’t settle in which language I would write: it was out of fairness and strong belief in mutilinguism. Nobody understands latin anymore, so that makes everyone equal!


One thought on “About

  1. Really like your blog. Mine is a little less focused, but have also tried to combine research and journalism to get at relevant urban issues. In my case, the focus is on inclusivity, especially in the context of housing.

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